About A

Hi everybody! I’m A, and you’ve found my blog which is awesome! I’m a 26 year old with a mission – save the world and spread the love! I don’t think I can do it alone so I’m enlisting your help, if you don’t mind. If you do, I’m pretty sure there are some “#firstworldproblems” blogs around here you could poke around…………

So you want to know about me, huh? Well, I spend a lot of time in Toronto with my girlfriend, soon to be wife, and love of my life. We live with my love’s younger sister and share custody of an adorable papillon dog with their mom. I’ve always been very passionate about protecting animals and the environment, social justice, and equality. My girlfriend and I are vegetarians (vegans on good days), and I have been dedicated to a life not eating animals since I was 11.

I want to focus on the things I can do to help teach kids about recognizing every opportunity they have in their lives to make a difference and just how powerful they really are! There’s nothing worse than feeling helpless, and as children we’re taught pretty much nothing else most of the time. I have two nieces and countless younger cousins who I love more than anything in the world and so I am going to do anything I can to help them feel as powerful and perfect as they are.

I look forward to writing for you all!


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