Week 4: Cell Phones

Time Flies!

Hey my lovelies! As it happens, time takes its toll and slips by so fast. I feel like my last post was just yesterday but I know it wasn’t. So I’m here to start again! It’s Sunday, the beginning of the week, and I’m thinking that while my plate is this full I shouldn’t put on some unrealistic expectations for myself to post a ton of material daily – but I will post at least twice a week if I can from now on. Baby steps, right?

Thanks A Lot, Border Patrol..

Anyway, my fiance and I have to be separated for Christmas, as it sometimes happens when the American border patrol decides that cute little Chinese girls are a threat to national security because we can’t remember the exact dates of the time 2 years ago when she left…what?

Divided </3

I don’t know what they were trying to prove but they effectively scared her off of ever trying to come to America with me again, which has kind of literally destroyed my life and every meaningful holiday I could possibly celebrate, because now I have to choose between being with her and being with my biological family. UGH.

Cell Phones Might Help! …Right?

So we were thinking to try and soften the blow of this separation, we should get ourselves some cell phones. It’s a nice idea right, to have the one you love within arms reach? Yeah, I was definitely swayed by the idea. I get serious separation anxiety without her and on top of it all, even when I’m in the same country as she is, I still worry like crazy about her. Yes, cell phones seemed to be the way to go.

But I Don’t Want Her To Get Cancer!

Unfortunately, my excitement was short-lived. I began having anxiety attacks because I knew, vaguely, that cell phones are likely to contribute to the growth of cancer and other horrible things, and if we had cell phones I would be the one causing her to have those bad radio waves right next to her brain (one of her most attractive features in my opinion :P) for hours and hours on end. Because let’s be honest. We’re both quiet in person to everyone we meet, but put us together and we chatter like chipmunks on a walnut high.

True Love Isn’t Reckless

Anyway, I voiced my concerns to her, because I do not want to be responsible for slowing down the sugars in her brain and encouraging cancer cells to grow in such a vulnerable and wonderful area of her body. And she has known more about the dangers of cell phones than I have, but she would have been willing to get one just to ease my pain and anxiety. THAT IS LOVE. But I wouldn’t let her.

We Always Knew Retro Was Better!

So now we’re stuck trying to sell a cell we bought and keeping the other one in the kitchen until I leave for Christmas so that she can still call me and I can get a hold of her when I need to. We’ve agreed to get a landline with a phone that won’t put us at risk of cancer, not a wireless phone either, because those are just as bad. I want me a retro vintage rotary phone, complete with piercing ring and spin dial numbers. (I love those things…)

11779099505_a05bf9589d_zIf you’d like to learn more about the dangers of cell phone use, there are some really informative articles out there that I will be breaking down sometime this week for you all. They are especially dangerous to kids, so I’d like to do a post highlighting this and alternative ways you can deal with that. Thank you so much for reading! Happy holidays!


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