Week 3: Fire

Welcome to Upgrade Earth’s third week as a thing! Wow, I’ve been posting every day (except that one day I wasn’t home) for an entire three weeks now! Awesome!

My girlfriend and I were talking about doing something of an elemental theme for our first few weeks here at Upgrade Earth. The coolest part about that is it helps us understand all the building blocks of the place we call home and how it affects each and every one of us! It’s a really great idea.

Yesterday was the last day of World Pride Toronto, 2014. The parade ended up being at the very least 5.5 hours long! My girlfriend and I were both red little lobsters after that. In fact, I think I started burning only about an hour in! It hurts to move today but it gave me some inspiration – to begin with, we’re going to talk about the sun, how we can get burnt, lava, volcanoes, and firey things in general. We’ll focus primarily on the element of fire and probably do a post on fire safety, although that is so jam packed with need-to-know info that I’d like to dedicate a whole week to that in and of itself.

So everyone, brace yourself for a week of hot facts and fun projects! I’m looking forward to it.

Oh. And wear sunscreen.


About ammbassett

Hey everybody! You can call me A. I'm the creator of the blog "Upgrade Earth," and I hope to help inspire you into personally engineering the future of the planet we call home! Humanity is due for an upgrade and I think we're just the people to do it, so let's get started today!
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