Inspirational Sunday

Good morning everyone! Welcome to our Sunday post, meant to inspire and educate all of you. Specifically concerning this week’s topic – water. I am sad to say this is the last post I will be doing about water, so I’m going to try to be making it the best! I found a documentary on YouTube about water if anybody would like to see it. 🙂 I will be gone most of the day today because the World Pride parade is today, and there’s a closing ceremony with Tegan and Sara and a bunch of other interesting musicians.

And here is just some beautiful footage of the ocean and the creatures within it.

I hope that this week was enlightening and fun for everybody. I am really grateful for this chance to learn and teach all at the same time. Enjoy your Sunday!


About ammbassett

Hey everybody! You can call me A. I'm the creator of the blog "Upgrade Earth," and I hope to help inspire you into personally engineering the future of the planet we call home! Humanity is due for an upgrade and I think we're just the people to do it, so let's get started today!
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