Saturday’s In the Spotlight: Boyan Slat

The Ocean Cleanup Project

Today I’d like to spotlight a kid who believed in himself and his ideas enough to undertake one of the most potentially helpful cleanup methods in history: The Ocean Cleanup Project.

Click Here to Check Out Their Website!

Boyan Slat

Boyan Slat. This guy is concerned with the environment, the ocean, and the animals. He knows the importance of each of them within the delicate balance of our planet and is determined to take his research to the next level.

An Amazing Invention

He has invented a method of cleaning up the plastic from the oceans using the momentum of the oceans themselves. They’re currently funding the rest of their research. If all goes well, there could be momentous change. Using his methods, the ocean could be drastically cleaned of plastic and debris in a tiny fraction of the time scientists predict it would take for people to clean up our mess.

Check Them Out!

I really recommend watching this video and going to their website,, to learn more about the project and see if there’s any way you could offer support or just flat out feel a bit of encouragement and hope on behalf of our ability to change the world. You could also try checking out his TED talk.

What Do You Think? Surprise Yourself! 😀

It was just one kid who came up with this idea, and a group of his friends who helped him put it all together. Let’s see what kind of things we ourselves can come up with to make the world a better place! I guarantee you will surprise yourself if you try. 🙂


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