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Oh my gosh, I wasn’t home all day yesterday so I didn’t get a Friday post done, and I feel terrible about it! On the one hand, this is a fairly new blog and I honestly don’t think that many people are really counting on me to post daily yet, but on the other hand, sheesh, I need a bit of consistency in my life or I’ll look unreliable!

World Pride Toronto, 2014

you are our pride

I honestly didn’t think about how busy life would be yesterday. Today is World Pride 2014 in Toronto, so I’ve been juggling work and play and doing my best to make it to once in a lifetime events with my girlfriend. The hard part about that is that I broke my foot back in March and STILL happen to be on the mend. My cast is off (yaaaaaay!) but really, my walking capacity is only at about a hobble so far. I twisted my ankle really good. Ouch! That means everything we do together outside the house takes about 100 times longer than it used to, even though I’m renowned for my slow walking speed everywhere I go. haha.

Bitch Salad

Anyway, I thought I’d explain why last night took longer than I thought it would to get home, and by the time we were done with this comedy show called “Bitch Salad,” finally got some dinner after eating nothing all day (can you believe they didn’t actually serve salad?!), and got back to our house it was almost one in the morning! And my poor love was exhausted, still had to shower, and rolled over me to turn off the alarm clock, kiss me, then fall promptly back to sleep resulting in her being 2 hours late for work this morning!

Thanks My Love!

So we have both been a little off the ball. She works two jobs so it’s like we never have any time for fun, so she wanted to make yesterday a special pride day with me. ^_^ Which I appreciate.

Anyway, that leaves my loyal viewers (??? Do you exist, really? Let me know!) getting the shaft so to speak, which I’m sorry for.

Post-Friday Post

Friday is all about being proactive on this blog, so what would have happened had I been home to write about it is, I would have listed all the things you can do yourself to help the water.

Courtesy of Flickr.com

Courtesy of Flickr.com

Don’t Waste Water

They are simple, and they are vast and many. One, don’t waste water because that turns into a huge problem and we lose a little bit of freshwater each time. And, as I hope I already taught you, our freshwater resources are very very limited, most of them being trapped in glaciers or underground, and the rest in a special series of lakes between Canada and the United States.

The Tragedy Befalling the Great Lakes

Do we really want to let these beautiful bodies of water fall victim to a nuclear holocaust? Photo courtesy of Flickr.com

Do we really want to let these beautiful bodies of water fall victim to a nuclear holocaust? Photo courtesy of Flickr.com

The Great Lakes provide the world with a whopping 20% of its fresh water supply, which is super impressive. Something really messed up though is that a nuclear power plant in Canada has decided to try storing its nuclear waste right next to Lake Huron. A nuclear waste dump. Next to the Great Lakes. If something happened there, ALL 20% of that freshwater would be contaminated forever! You can’t just kitty litter mop up a nuclear spill. It doesn’t go away. There is literally nothing you can do to fix a problem with nuclear waste.

Speak Out Against the Nuclear Waste Dump on Lake Huron

Something you can do is get more involved with this recent issue, because most Canadians are pretty in the dark about it and have done nothing to organize a campaign against this to keep it from happening. Raise awareness and teach people about this problem so that we can save the beautiful life in our fresh waters and prevent a pending nuclear catastrophe. They have to be complete idiots to think that this is even a fathomable idea. Really.

This link will take you to a website that will help you get involved. Click this sentence.

Pick Up Litter

Another simple thing you can do is to pick up any litter you see on the ground. That stuff makes its way to the water! Be careful and don’t litter. In fact, you’re better than the people who litter, so if you see it, pick it up right in front of them to make them realize they are really doing something stupid and other people and things are going to be inconvenienced by it.

Tear Apart Plastic Six Pack Rings

Courtesy of Flickr.com (CUT THEM APART PLEASE!)

Courtesy of Flickr.com

Yesterday on our way home from Pride, before what seemed to be a drunk straight woman tried to smack my bum in celebration (she stopped after I cowered and said “oh nooo”) I found a plastic six pack ringlet thing. You know, those plastic rings that hold cans of pop or beer together? I used my crutches to try lifting it up to myself (because bending over with a foot on the mend is a pretty close to impossible task, especially when you want to get back up) so I could break the rings in half, something I have always done.

    Copyright All rights reserved by philliefan99 at Flickr.com

Copyright All rights reserved by philliefan99 at Flickr.com

When I was younger, I learned that those rings can severely hurt animals. Fish and other aquatic life get stuck in between them and can die or have to live their lives painfully. What you can do, like I do (and would have done last night but my girlfriend picked it up for me and did it herself) is pick up any of those you see and break those rings open. Once that’s done, throw those evil things in the recycling. If they don’t get recycled and end up in the water anyway, at least they won’t trap any marine animals and make their lives miserable.

Saving the Marine Animals and Freshwater is Easy!

Basically, helping the water comes down to a few easy things. Don’t leave your water running. Don’t waste it. Pick up litter. Go to the beach and clean up the trash before it goes into the water. Use paper bags instead of plastic. Try not to release balloons into the air, because they all end up in the ocean.

Thank You All!

This is all great stuff to think about and start implementing into your life. I hope that it helps you to be a more responsible global citizen that will help to save our freshwater resources and our oceans. Thanks for reading!


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