Kid’s Films That Deserve Some Credit

Hey everyone! Since this is my first for real For The Kids Thursday, I’m bombarding you with posts I think would be great to help teach kids about the importance of water, its role in our world, and how we can get involved in keeping our rivers, lakes, and oceans clean!

Frankly I am super passionate about opening up kid’s minds and helping them to see the world as it is, but without feeling disillusioned about its great beauty and majesty. That miiiight explain the enthusiasm today with the kid-centered posts.

Anyway, I’d like to credit three movies specifically for helping kids to learn about the problems facing our oceans and sea creatures in a non-pessimistic or too confrontational way.

I’ll give you my top 3!

  1. Free Willie

Free WillyThis was one of my favorite movies as a kid. In fact, when I first began dabbling with the keyboard/piano, I managed to tinker out that Michael Jackson song at the end as probably the first ever song I figured out by ear. But I digress.

If you haven’t seen or heard of this movie, it’s basically about this kid who gets off the streets and out of a bad situation by forming a close bond with a killer whale…who turns out to be not so violent after all. In fact, the only time he shows any aggression in the movie, they did such a good job that you sympathize with him and hate the fact that he has been put into confines that are unnatural and unfair.

By the way, the sequels are pretty equivalent to dog poo, but that’s what happens when you get a touching movie that makes tons of money because of how sincere it is and the box office decides to try cashing in.

2. Happy Feet

Happy Feet is an adorable movie about penguins. And happy penguins they are! Especially the one who likes to dance its little heart out.


As you might expect, things aren’t 100% great for these happy and cute little guys, just like they aren’t for real penguins. Kids get a glance at the issues that real penguins every day have to deal with thanks to industry’s imposing presence on their habitats.

3. Finding Nemo

Last but not least is one of the most popular kid’s movies these days, Finding Nemo.Finding-Nemo-stillFinding Nemo is a great story based in the ocean about a small family of tropical fish and the adventures that ensue when the young main character Nemo gets separated from his father. His father promptly sets out to look for him with the help of a ditzy sidekick who has a memory loss issue, not knowing his son has been captured in a fish tank with other creatures originally from the ocean.

Spoiler alert! The story has a happy ending for Nemo. But it still may be enough to prompt children to think more about where their pet fish might come from and the unhappy endings other animals might have to face because of human utilization of animals.

So that’s my list of awesome kid’s movies that I want to share with my small friends and family. I hope yours enjoy them too!



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