For the Kids: Cartoons About Water

First up are a couple of educational cartoons that little me in the early 90s would have loved. Kids these days enjoy the razzle-dazzle 3D technology and computer graphics, but hey, a cartoon is a cartoon! Maybe they’ll like them.

For those of you with little guys who enjoyed those cartoons, here’s the user that uploads all of them. There are plenty more!

Next is a video with people in puppy costumes (Or uh, if you’re a child with an exceptionally high reading level for your age…just puppies…shhhh…there is a Santa Claus.) I like the bit at the end where they’re talking to kids about water.

Last but not least is my personal favorite, and my oldest niece’s too! The Magic Schoolbus! 😀 Seatbelts everyone! It’s time to learn about the water cycle!

I hope these turn out to be a hit! I’ll stay on the prowl for more awesome videos that kids might enjoy.



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