Courtesy of Flickr.com

Courtesy of Flickr.com

Welcome to our Tuesday post! Today we’re going to talk about the all-encompassing importance of water. We would be trying to explain where it comes from but as you may know already…

We Wouldn’t Exist Without Water

The origins of water are impossible to pinpoint. Maybe it came from somewhere in space. Maybe whatever created the universe just decided it would be a cool thing to add in – a liquid atmosphere. Wherever it’s from, water is an amazing resource. It is believed that basically all life originated in or of the water, and humans are no exception. Evolution has traced every creature back to water at some point in their existence.

We Couldn’t Survive Without Water Either

Water is incredibly important as well. Basically no living thing can survive without receiving it in some form. Fish obviously need water, but so do plants, non-human animals, and humans. A person can live longer without food than they can live without water. Dehydration is a very dangerous state for any human or animal to be in. Remember, soda pop never actually hydrates you, it has caffeine in it and other chemicals that actually do the opposite and leave you in a dehydrated state.

Our Water is in Danger! D:

Unfortunately, the water we have on our planet is in peril as we continue to pollute it with man-made garbage and spill oil in it. Oil spills are becoming alarmingly common, and they are terrible for wildlife and humanity alike. Our litter gets washed into the sea where little animals who don’t know any better try to eat it. Sometimes they die, other times they suffer terribly as they live. We are running out of freshwater resources. Animals deserve better than to have all of their water contaminated by runoff and poisons that we are introducing into their homes.

Big Business is Full of Reckless Doodoo Heads

Industries like oil companies and nuclear power plants are lucrative and don’t seem to weigh the cost of environmental damage against how much money they are making for themselves. The people in charge of these businesses are merciless, short-sighted, reckless, and stupid. Our resources are nothing to them. They don’t seem to care who suffers and who dies, and in fact are probably planning to have a monopoly on fresh water once they ruin the rest of it for everybody else. Once our fresh water supply runs out, experts predict there will be water wars much the same as there are oil wars now.

Don’t Worry Though – You’re Here!

The main thing to focus on is what you, personally, can do to help. While it’s discouraging to think that people with a lot of money and say over what is done with the rest of mother nature’s bounty don’t care about the rest of us, the fact is that caring is the only thing that can stop them. To care is to have a power all its own, the kind that money can’t buy and these people will never be able to obtain. Sure, they may throw a fit and dump some oil to prove how much they don’t give a damn, but they will always be missing something vital that the rest of us have and will hold dearly to our hearts forever – true power.

Prevention is Key

Now, let’s use that power to make a huge difference. Even if we can’t help every single animal out in the ocean, we can at least help a few by taking some simple precautions every single day. First, try using reusable bags while shopping instead of plastic ones. Those plastic bags are contaminating the ocean all over the place. Next, if you see litter on the ground, especially plastic bottles or bags, please pick it up and recycle it! If you can’t recycle it, you should at least throw it out so it goes in a landfill over into our limited water supply. Third, go to a beach, river, lake, creek, or general body of water near you and purposely clean it up. Taking the trash away from its edges will guarantee that it stays out of the water and won’t harm the delicate ecosystems that the animals in that water have created to thrive in.

You’re Never Helpless

There really isn’t an end to the things you can do to help every single day, even if you just bring up water in a conversation with someone who doesn’t know as much about it as you do, you are helping to raise awareness and educate more people who can make better decisions on behalf of the water daily! Don’t leave the water running if you don’t need it, and definitely, above all, don’t think you’re helpless in changing our water for the better! Stay positive and keep up the great work.


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