Week 2: Water

Courtesy of Flickr.com

Courtesy of Flickr.com

This week we’re going to begin with the very foundation of our existence, the thing that without which we would neither survive nor exist. Water!

The Ocean is Full of New Discoveries!

Water is extremely important, both for our own health and for the ecosystem. A whopping 80% of life on earth exists within the oceans and rivers, the depths of which are still not fully discovered. Just think – we are trying to conquer space and explore new planets, but we still don’t know everything there is to know about our own!

Interconnectedness and Dinosaur Pee

The most amazing thing about water is that it’s a part of everything and it is constantly recycled. When I was a kid, thinking about water just blew my mind! It evaporates, then just ends up coming back again. So the very same water that a dinosaur or Jesus drank is part of the same exact water that we are drinking today! Of course you could also go the gross route and think, wow, the very same water a dinosaur peed out has become the same water we use today, but you know, let’s not ruin a good epiphany.

Is Anything More Important than Water?

I wanted to focus on water first because without it, our species and the rest of the planet will go extinct. Now, many of us know of extinction as a strictly animal problem, but if you really think about it…aren’t we kind of animals too? I mean, we are sad excuses of naked, helpless animals that can’t do anything without tools, but nonetheless, we could go extinct just as easily as the rest of the animals if our habitat is too severely mistreated.

Water is in Trouble! D:

And water, the thing that is holding this entire place together, the substance that, when discovered on another planet, may indicate the emergence of life, is in danger. Of all the water on our planet, only a tiny fraction of it is drinkable, and of that tiny fraction, a large percentage of it is becoming polluted and unusable or disappearing due to wastefulness. We’re putting ourselves in a sticky situation.

Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, and Ponds are NOT Garbage Dumps!

On top of it all, the beautiful and mysterious 80% of the planet’s life has to live in what many nuclear factories and irresponsible citizens are using as a garbage dump! If you throw your candy wrapper or plastic bag on the ground, you can bet it will find its way into the ocean or lake near you. And those animals try to eat our toxic trash or get trapped in it and die. Worse, their homes and habitats become contaminated and the places where they once lived with no worries become hostile and dangerous for them. The saddest part about that is they don’t even really understand it. They don’t know what’s going on!

Good Thing We’re Awesome!

But we have the unique and wonderful opportunity to help and make decisions every day that will help our water supply and the life in the rivers, lakes, and oceans thrive rather than deplete and suffer. Just by making better decisions in our daily lives, we will be able to personally improve the quality of life of millions, if not billions or trillions, of lives that live in our planet’s water.

Stay tuned to find out everything you and the awesome children in your life can do to help and learn more about why water is so important!


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