It doesn’t take someone remarkable to make a difference.

Most people think that taking on the world is a huge task that they could never possibly handle alone, but as illustrated beautifully by this video, anybody can have a profound impact on their environment, the animals, and their community.

Just by being the radiant, kind, and loving person we were born to be, we begin to set an example that other people will inevitably want to follow. Like attracts like, and we are all capable of enormous good! We just have to learn to recognize our unique opportunities to make a difference and follow through with them.


About ammbassett

Hey everybody! You can call me A. I'm the creator of the blog "Upgrade Earth," and I hope to help inspire you into personally engineering the future of the planet we call home! Humanity is due for an upgrade and I think we're just the people to do it, so let's get started today!
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