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Yay Pretty Blogginess!

As we wrap up our first week here, my girlfriend and I have been making little aesthetic tweaks and talking about how to keep this a great and optimistic arena for those of us who feel like maybe there are just too many freakin’ problems. My idea was to make a video re-cap every week of what we’ve gone through already, but for now, until I get the resources that will make that possible, I am thinking that we should put some inspirational videos up on Sundays and maybe start a post every day called Our Beautiful Home to help garner some pride in the planet we were lucky enough to grow up on.

Let’s Amp Up That Hometown Pride!

Most people are familiar with hometown pride, but I think that mentality has to extend a bit to include our little orb in the vast universe. Think of how many planets there are that are barren, lifeless, and, well, uglier than Earth is! We’re so lucky to have such an amazing platform for our existence.

The Plan

I want to start sharing a few posts on Sundays. Something that I find inspirational and speaks directly to our cause or our potentially sagging stores of motivation, and some pictures of our beautiful planet and a compilation video of reasons we should care about the cause we were learning about that week. I will end up having to begin a new YouTube account for this blog, and maybe once I’m more comfortable video blogging I will include those as well. For now, I would like to begin creating my own videos using pictures I find with the creative commons licensing for your viewing pleasure! If all goes well, I will also include my own creative art (music and multimedia).

Thank You All!

Thanks for participating in my blog! I hope you’re as ready as I am to begin making the world a better place, one perspective at a time!



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Hey everybody! You can call me A. I'm the creator of the blog "Upgrade Earth," and I hope to help inspire you into personally engineering the future of the planet we call home! Humanity is due for an upgrade and I think we're just the people to do it, so let's get started today!
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