Friday’s Call to Action

Hey everyone! Welcome to Friday’s Upgrade Earth post!

Bake Sale for the Environment - Courtesy of

Bake Sale for the Environment – Courtesy of

Fridays are the day we put out a call to action for the week’s cause, and since this week is just our introduction, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss all the different ways we can get involved and make a difference.

So Much To Do!

There are so many causes out there! Everyone probably can list one, two, or several causes that they care about and would work to improve if they just knew how. This Friday, I want you guys to make a list of the things you care about. Include any children in your life in this activity too! If they can’t write yet, you can do it for them or ask them to draw a picture of the things they care about. Maybe you could help them get on the right track by asking them if they have ever seen someone who needed help and what they would do to help that person. Trust me, if nothing else, the results will be adorable.

Share Your Progress!

If you’d like, share your list and any contributions by the kiddies with me here on Upgrade Earth! I’ll set up my contact form so you can email me too if you wish. I’ll take a look at your answers and dedicate a week to the things you want to me to address, and post the things the kiddos have created. Always be encouraging of their ideas, because in the minds of children, they know what they’re talking about and it makes perfect sense. If you can, follow up on their ideas with an activity that allows them to help someone they care about. For example if your child says, “Grandma wanted pizza but she didn’t have no money so I want to make Grandma pizza,” follow through with your child’s good intentions. You could  help them make their grandma a pizza and maybe even deliver it with a special card.

Look Into Organizations

Once you’ve got your lists made up (if there are too many for you to list, maybe just pick 3-5) I’d encourage you to do an internet search on those topics and include your area or one close by to you. This should pull up some results of organizations and groups that focus on the things you care about who are making some headway in addressing those issues!

Maybe You Can Start Your Own!

With any luck, you’ll find an organization near you and maybe even find some awesome volunteer opportunities. If you can’t find anything local that addresses the issues you care about, maybe you could start a little group or a club that gets together and talks about these problems and organizes fundraisers in your area for the cause of your choice!

Kids Love Activities That Help Others

Think of how fun it would be to get a group of friends together with your kids to set up a little bake sale. The kids can help you bake (which they will, of course, absolutely LOVE) and you will be able to teach them at the same time about why it’s so important to be kind to the earth, animals, and each other. It’s totally win-win!

An Unforgettable Experience

And on top of it all, you guys will get to nom cake batter and feel absolutely excellent about yourselves at the end of the day. It’s something those kids will never forget either! So consider that for this weekend – think of something you care about that you want to help, then actually help!

The Homeless and the Hungry

Homeless shelters and food banks are always in need of donations and supplies. Kids make up a good percentage of the hungry population, even right in North America. You could ask your child to pick out a few items in the pantry that they want to give to those in need and let her or him go with you to donate it. Let them know that s/he has just helped someone who has a hungry belly and that you’re very proud of him/her for being such a nice person.

What Will Be Your Next Amazing Idea?

There are several things you could do today to make a difference to the cause you care about, so go ahead and make your list and see what you and a special little one in your life can come up with to help!


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