For the Kids Thursday

Kids planting a garden for A Village Lot Project. Photo Courtesy of

Kids planting a garden for A Village Lot Project. Photo Courtesy of

Every Thursday I hope to be able to bring a fun new project or perspective that we can share with the people who will be inheriting the earth. Let’s face it, bad old dogmatic ideas and industry will be dying out (even if it’s not by choice, our lack of resources will make it inevitable) and I want our kids fully prepared to take the reigns and have a plan to set the world straight!

Even if it’s not a fast process, we can all each take steps toward making the world a better place, and it’s easier than you think! Every single day you can think back to an opportunity you had to help someone or do something positive that will influence someone else. Did you take that opportunity?

If not, that’s okay, the point is to encourage you to find the opportunities and to not feel completely tiny and helpless when faced with all these problems that the world around us is facing. One person is one amazing person with millions of amazing opportunities for change! I want our kids to understand that and learn to recognize the chances they have every day to make the world a little bit better.

For today, I’m going to list some cool references that have inspired me with ideas for projects that kids of all ages can participate in and feel great for. Putting your mind to improving the quality of life for yourself, your peers, and even strangers, animals, and the environment is a great way for kids to bolster self-esteem, utilize their endless brainpower and creativity, and stay away from bad influences that will suck them under and into more and more of the problems we’re trying to fight against today.

What Kids Can Do. Org

Community Lessons: Promising Curriculum Practices

Do Something. Org

Families With Purpose. Com

Generation On. Org

Learning to Give. Org

Kids Consortium. Org


Last but not least, here is a huge list of similar (and many of the same) websites dedicated to empowering youth and offering great projects and resources for educating the adults of tomorrow!

Global Fund For Children. Org

I hope these inspire you and a young friend to get involved!



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