Wednesday Statistics

Hey everyone! Welcome to our Wednesday post – all about the numbers. Since the topic in focus this week is just a general introduction to how the blog is going to be run from here on out, I thought I should just post some general statistics that I find very interesting and, hopefully, motivating!

For starters, if you want to change the world, time management becomes a very important thing. It’s easy in the age of multimedia flash players and social media websites to simply lose track of time and get sucked into the daily grind. And, if it’s not your daily grind, it’s interesting to zone out and gaze at other people’s daily grinds.

Did you know:

Courtesy of

Courtesy of


That’s pretty intense right? What about the fact that we’re somehow simultaneously experiencing an “obesity epidemic” while at the same time, claims of a food shortage are the primary reason corporations refuse to distribute food where it’s needed the most? And in fact, supermarkets and stores throw away surplus foods in locked dumpsters because apparently trash is still their property and they’d rather not give hand outs to people.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

I have also had this picture saved on my computer for a while now, just waiting for a good chance to use it. Fracking is a big deal, it’s the process of removing oil from underground and transporting it. The problem is that it isn’t safe to transport and often times things go wrong and the animals and environment suffer for it. Fraccidents are the clever term for these disasters.


I didn’t make this picture, hopefully there’s a watermark on there somewhere because I have no idea where it comes from, just that the information is really devastating and should be spread.

So that’s the jist of it for the first Tuesday post. I think that every day I will also begin sharing ads that raise awareness about the plight of animals and the environment, despite whatever the week’s topic is about. I hope they hit home!


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