Monday, Monday: Terms List

As you may have read, every week we will have a list of terms that make it easier to understand what the week’s focus is all about. This week I’m introducing the blog and a handful of concepts that will make it easier for everyone to understand my mission statement. To upgrade earth, we’re going to have to wrap our heads around what it is that is keeping us in a perpetual cycle of problems, so this little vocab list should help!


*Biodiversity – The wide range of creatures that exist and make our planet habitable. Commonly known as, “The ciiiiircle of liiiiiiiiife.”

*Resources – The products, both natural and man-made, that make life as we know it possible. Think food, water, and oil.

*Economy – The system made up to show who has the most resources. Generally symbolized through dolla dolla bills, y’all.

*Distribution – How resources are divided and given to those in need of them. Usually a clusterfuck.

*Politics – Groups fighting over how the world/country/state should be run. Often headed by liars and rich people who want to hog all the resources.

*Sovereignty – The right of every country to govern itself. Often used as an excuse by power-hungry states to ignore human rights and steal resources.

*Pollution – The destructive crap released into our habitat when corporate products are made and overused.

*Interests – The agenda of whoever has the most resources, which often results in a small population having too much while a large population doesn’t have enough and suffers.

*Government – The circus tent politicians perform under and are protected by.

*Corporate – The mass production of first world resources like toilet paper and automobiles. Generally only concerned with making money and not with health or human rights.

*Capitalism – Money-centered world view in which concern for the environment and human rights are treated as needless sentiment while money is glorified on high.

*Colonialism – The molding of people with rich cultural heritage into capitalists who no longer celebrate balance, harmony, and cooperation.

*First,Second,Third World Countries – The ranking of countries with the most capitalists involved in the world market. First world countries have the most resources and are most involved while third world countries have the least.

*Oppression – The act of subduing a group of people so that the oppressive group will gain from their broken spirits/lack of resources. Think of a rapist telling a woman it’s her fault. Men who want to rape will benefit while women are attacked for being attacked.


So Those are just a few of the terms that might help us along the way of understanding the structure of the world as we know it and why it is in dire need of an upgrade! We’ll be back tomorrow with some history on how things got to be how they are now and a little bit of background about myself and my goal for this blog. Take care! Thanks for reading.


About ammbassett

Hey everybody! You can call me A. I'm the creator of the blog "Upgrade Earth," and I hope to help inspire you into personally engineering the future of the planet we call home! Humanity is due for an upgrade and I think we're just the people to do it, so let's get started today!
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